Top 20 Gamification Solution Companies — 2020

With engagement and retention rates dwindling, and consumer engagement taking a downhill trend, organizations are now turning towards gamification to mitigate these challenges. In the last few years, the increasing usage of the internet and the adoption of innovative technologies such as web, mobile, and social media have supplemented the growth of cloud-based gamification techniques. The major factors driving the gamification market’s growth include yielding higher ROI, boosting employee engagement, and providing lucrative offers to the customers and consumers.

Organizations are now demanding enterprise- and consumer-based gamification solutions as it provides learning on the go and encourage employees and strengthen their marketing endeavours. Today, the next-gen modern game designs and advanced technologies like AI, ML, and IoT are amplifying and refining the effectiveness of gamification for impactful training. Gamification can also be blended with other technologies such as AR and VR to make the learning more engaging and immersive as it provides a rich visual sensory experience. Some scholars and educators, too, have become interested in harnessing the potential of gaming mechanics and sensibilities as tools for advancing learning. When designed well, gamification solutions can provide an engaging learner experience that is action-oriented, aligned to learning goals, and help learners walk away with a sense of achievement.

Gamification is also making great waves on the communications scene and has been implemented in many new ways for education, health, work, and other aspects of human connection. Today, as there is a fundamental shift in organizations to deploy actionable information tracking around meaningful data like net promoter score, turnover rates, and performance, gamification platforms are now adopting more data-driven approaches to enable businesses to create clear objectives and define measurable. Further, the modern LMS options are also including the strongest gamified elements like points, badges, and leader boards to create and sustain user engagement in the future.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solutions providers entering the industry with advanced and integrated next-gen gamification technologies. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, CIO Review has compiled a list of ’20 Most Promising Gamification Solution Providers 2020.’ The enlisted organizations are transforming learning and IT management processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you CIO Review’s, 20 Most Promising Gamification Solution Providers

Top Gamification technology Companies

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AgileLiteracy, an IT company, was founded by Leonor Urena to harness the benefits of gamification for learning agile concepts. The company’s game-based learning allows people to make decisions and experience the consequences of those decisions without any real-world impact, which removes the fear of failure and promotes learning. AgileLiteracy delivers sustainable agile transformation, leveraging gamification to offer engaging, educational, and enjoyable learning that reinforces desired behaviors in trainees. The company is dedicated to assisting organizations in embracing change, improving the productivity of the project team, and inspiring synergy and cooperation, which at the end of the day, changes the work life of the many.

FIX Health

FIX Health utilizes advanced behavioral engagement technology to drive healthy behavior among employees and increase bottom line profits for its clients. The company is dedicated to making health fun, accessible, and hyper-socially connected through its solution — the Outbreak walking challenge. The thrill-packed Outbreak Program incentivizes users by making exercise a game rather than a chore. Powered by a proprietary incremental behavior change engine, the company’s gamification approach to improving physical health motivates people to inculcate healthy behavior and reap significant health benefits. Their program has an unprecedented 93.9 percent completion rate.


Founded in 2005, LifeCents focuses on offering businesses and third-party administrations (TPA) like 401k service providers solutions that promise a holistic, gamified, and wholly humanistic approach to managing an individual’s finances. With its engaging LifeCents platform, the company is able to leverage consumer engagement data to build customer profiles that organizations can use in a myriad of ways. LifeCents’ proprietary AI engine connects people to products, services, and partners relevant to their personal financial needs, and the integration of gamification features sustains engagement, helping users take steps, both large and small, towards achieving their business goals


Qstream is a leading enterprise microlearning solution proven by science and in practice to boost learner performance at scale through knowledge reinforcement, engagement, and analytics. Over 600 global organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a precision microlearning experience that reinforces job-critical knowledge and skills in minutes a day. Qstream gives companies the tools they need to get a real-time view of performance readiness and take action where it is needed most


Aktrea helps create an empowered workforce by improving employee learning & engagement and making them agents of change. Their expertise supports business, HR, team & community leaders to increase learning, increase employee engagement, improve employee retention and provide necessary skills to increase productivity. This improves ROI On learning, development and engagement dollars spent. Their unique Akt-ROI number provides the returns that you can generate from your investments in development. Through their design studios, they create customizable modules — both content and technology — tailored to the needs of your organization


Attensi is the global leader in 3D gamified simulation training for large corporations, creating a ‘learning by doing’ environment in a virtual 3D setting. By using a unique blend of gamification and realism, combined with deep and varied interactivity that is powered by their game AI, training is made fun and engaging. A growing number of companies are also using the Attensi training as part of their recruitment efforts. This enables them to provide applicants with a virtual taste of what real life in their company would be like, improving the recruitment process and significantly speeding up onboarding of new staff.


At Centrical, they believe for any company to prosper, it needs to make employees the center of business success. With that recognition comes the need to improve employee performance. And for that to happen three core elements need to be used holistically. Advanced gamification, Personalized microlearning, and real-time employee performance management. They’ve learned those elements in combination work far better than a stand-alone solution that addresses just one dimension of performance. Each component influences the other to create an ongoing process of performance improvement and a culture of continuous learning.


Comarch is a global provider of IT business solutions that aim to optimize operational and business processes. Since its inception in 1993, they have developed at a rapid pace. Today, Comarch is the leading global IT company and employs over 6500 experienced IT engineers, business consultants, marketing specialists and more. Thousands of complex and successful IT projects and implementation of their software in more than 40,000 companies worldwide is a source of great pride.

Contest Factory

Contest Factory is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in contests, instant win games and sweepstakes campaigns for large national brand and leading ad agencies. The company helps the brands to engage their target audiences with powerful social, mobile and web based programs utilizing best-in-class patented technology, design and insight. Contest Factory works with many top brands and international agencies including Lenovo, Hyatt, AARP, GoDaddy, United Airlines, SanDisk, Deutsch, Lifetime Television, Momentum Worldwide, Project Runway, Dro5a, Chevrolet,, TracFone, Popcorn Indiana, NET10 and more

Creative Veteran Productions

Creative Veteran Productions is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that specializes in Designing, Developing, and Delivering Immersive Virtual Training Experiences. They help the customers to develop immersive training solutions that don’t re-invent the wheel by using their LEGO approach to creating a perfect-fit training program using their platform. The customers receive the benefit of custom solutions without the custom price tag. They have robust, cutting-edge virtual learning platform allows people to democratize 3D Serious Gaming by streamlining development efficiencies without decreasing performance quality, which provides more cost-effective immersive training solutions for their customers


cube19 helps recruitment businesses to grow revenue through the power of data and actionable insights. Leveraging the cube19 Growth Analytics Platform, customers can drill into any company performance metric, unlock revenue opportunities and mitigate risks in real-time, on any device. The Recruitment companies that trust cube19 to optimise their two greatest assets — their people and their data. They do this by delivering simple to understand actionable insights that show every member of staff, from C-Suite to consultant, how to make more placements

Focused Impressions

Focused Impressions, a certified SAP Solution Provider, makes eCommerce and marketing easy to use for SAP Business One® users with FocusPoint™


Kineo is a global workplace learning company that helps businesses improve their performance through learning and technology

Lawyers Travel

Lawyers Travel is the ONLY travel management firm specializing in providing travel management services to law firms

NICE inContact

NICE inContact is the cloud contact center software leader, empowering organizations to provide exceptional customer experiences with the world’s best cloud customer experience platform, NICE inContact CXone™. CXone combines best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Analytics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence on an Open Cloud Foundation to help companies act smarter and respond faster to consumer expectations. There are numerous reasons to join the team. They have an environment which promotes collaboration and encourages team members to speak to their new and creative ideas, NICE inContact’s corporate culture inspires passion.

Ovation Travel Group

Ovation Travel Group is an independently owned, $1.4 billion travel company with experienced travel professionals in more than 30 locations throughout the United States and United Kingdom, and operating in 100+ countries globally. With over 700 employees and over 200 independent travel advisors, Ovation provides business travel services, bespoke luxury travel experiences and meeting and special events planning for over 700 professional organizations and over 200,000 travelers. For 35 years, Ovation has provided seamless, cost-effective travel solutions to individual travelers and professional organizations in such industries as finance, law, technology, biotech, advertising, entertainment, consulting and other professional services firms. Ovation’s mission is to provide outstanding service, significant cost savings and comprehensive, convenient travel solutions.


PayPerks is an education, engagement, and behavior change SaaS platform that partners with other institutions to improve the financial capability, health and well-being of low- and moderate-income consumers through a combination of visual education, gamification and sweepstakes-based rewards. The company’s solutions included PayPerks-branded offerings, gray-labeled stand-alone offerings, or fully embedded white labeled solutions. PayPerks has amassed dozens of honors over the years from organizations ranging from the White House to the U.S. Department of Treasury to the Federal Reserve Bank.


For more than 10,000 healthcare organizations and 4.5 million caregivers, Relias continues to help its clients deliver better clinical and financial outcomes by reducing variation in care. Our platform employs performance metrics and assessments to reveal specific gaps in clinical knowledge and addresses them with personalized, engaging learning. The company helps healthcare organizations, their staff and those under their care, get better: get better at identifying issues, get better at addressing them, get better outcomes for all.

Tango Card

Tango Card provides leading incentive-delivery technology to organizations in the B2B space. Globally, enterprise companies use this technology to deliver an extensive catalog of domestic and global e-gift cards as part of consumer loyalty programs, sales incentive programs, health and wellness engagement, and employee recognition. Tango Card believes instantly delivering the most desirable rewards maximizes impact and drives real business results. This belief is woven into Tango Card’s industry-leading products: RaaS API, which integrates digital rewards into web platforms and applications, and Rewards Genius™, a self-serve portal for administering rewards.

Torry Harris Business Solutions

The company is a trusted advisor to enterprises worldwide, helping them extend the power of digital access through integration