Top 10 Disruptive Telecom Solution Companies-2019

Top Disruptive Telecom Solution Companies

The telecom industry is at the precarious edge of exceptional changes and new advancements as 5G outfits to enter the market. This when advertise rivalry and creative advanced advances have brought ocean changes as far as how the industry works. More telcos today hope to embrace advanced advances to improve their operational proficiency and client experience. The cloud, then again, is permitting telcos to advance quicker, improve their system up-time, and present arrangements that line up with the omnichannel correspondence needs of current organizations and customers.

What’s more, advancements, for example, IoT, man-made reasoning, and large information are supporting telcos to remain client driven. These advances are assuming a critical job in improving the effectiveness of the distributors, integrators, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the industry.

At the center of these huge improvements lies the desire for computerization and system knowledge in working telecom systems. Telcos today endeavor to address execution issues in close to ongoing utilizing new-age devices. Sooner rather than later, more telcos can be required to take a forceful position in obliging the correspondence needs of various enterprises, including space tech, retail, and training. They are progressively concentrating their endeavors anxious figuring to construct clever systems that can recuperate without anyone else and stay reliable in their presentation. These endeavors are planned for expanding bandwidth and dependability while diminishing idleness and cost.

Right now Telecom Tech Outlook, we bring to you organizations that are giving front line telecom arrangements. We trust the thorough data introduced in the version proves to be useful for you to pick the correct telecom arrangement accomplices.

We present to you Telecom Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Disruptive Telecom Solution Providers 2019.”

Top Disruptive Telecom Solution Companies:


AEM Holdings Ltd. provides handling and test solutions to the most advanced manufacturers. The business helps its customers deliver many of the most successful products in the 5G economy, including microprocessors, high-speed communications, IoT devices, and solar cells. AEM aims to be among the world’s leading companies providing solutions in equipment systems, precision components, and related manufacturing services across various industries. The business takes pride in delivering innovative, engineering-focused solutions and developing strong partnerships with customers and associates to cater to their manufacturing needs through its global engineering service support network and innovative people. Currently, AEM has three manufacturing plants located in Singapore, Malaysia (Penang), and China (Suzhou).


Brightlink is a leading communications platform and technology company that delivers voice, messaging, analytics, and cloud-based solutions. The enterprise’s industry-leading CPaaS platform, technology solutions, and network services are used by companies ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to the largest enterprises and communication service providers around the globe. Wholesale VoIP, Messaging, Managed Services, CPaaS Platform, SIP Trunking, Cloud Applications, Analytics, and HD Voice include some of the business’s prime offerings. Brightlink powers more than 30B communication transactions each year with the industry-leading quality of service, 24x7 support, and a next-generation IP network that has the highest levels of performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

Collinear Networks

Collinear is pioneering wireless network connectivity solutions that provide fiber-like connectivity with no trenches required. By combining a new generation of Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-Band RF technology with intelligent traffic management, Collinear helps service providers put more capacity in more places to meet the demands of 4G, 5G and IoT traffic. Led by a team of seasoned executives from the telecom and networking industries, Collinear provides solutions that address today’s mobile network pain points, as well as aid operators on their path to new architectures, virtualization, and expansion of services via new business models.


Emida has more than 20 years of experience in delivering electronic payment processing solutions to our partners worldwide with a focus on prepaid mobile recharge and postpaid mobile payments. Emida maintains a presence in 40 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, North America, Asia, and the Pacific. Emida has offices in the U.S.A., Colombia, and Mexico. Emida is a technology solutions provider (TSP) in the global prepaid wireless and digital payments industries. They provide electronic payment processing, mobile top-up, distribution channel management technology, and POS solutions to partners in almost 37 countries.

Global Voice Group

Global Voice Group (GVG) provides developing and emerging countries with innovative IT tax and telecom governance solutions. The business’s strength resides not only in the efficiency and adaptability of its solutions but also in the intimate knowledge of the global telecom market, which is based on more than 15 years of experience. GVG aims to enhance its clients’ capacity to track the data related to the telecom traffic to optimize tax collection and to generate significant additional revenue for the state’s budget, to achieve their development goals. Interconnection traffic monitoring, airtime revenue monitoring, quality of service monitoring, antifraud campaigns, mobile money monitoring, automatic device detection, and central equipment identity registry are some of the specialties of GVG.


HarrisX is a market research and consulting services company focused on the telecom, media, and personal technology industries. The business was founded in 2017, after acquiring various Telecom data assets from Nielsen. Since then, HarrisX has invested heavily to enhance its products, improving both the insights captured, as well as the technology used to deploy each tracker. The enterprise has also strategically built out its full suite of solutions in order to become the premier research consultancy for organizations focused on the technology, media, and telecom industries. Some of HarrisX’s service specialties include mobile insights, syndicated research, market research, data and analytics, predictive modeling, smartphones, technology, telecom, media, and strategy consulting.

Smith Micro Software

As the leader in wireless connectivity, Smith Micro Software develops mobility solutions that enable broadband connectivity and mobile convergence products over wireless networks. The business’s applications ensure the best quality of experience for mobile users while optimizing networks for service providers and enterprises. Using the intelligent policy-on-device platform, along with premium voice, video, and content monetization services, Smith Micro creates new opportunities to engage consumers and capitalize on the growth of connected devices. Proximity/contextual marketing, visual messaging, network quality of experience, device management, M2M/IoT, on-device network analytics, Wi-fi security/credential provisioning and lifecycle management, family location, parental controls, and mobile app design are a few services offered by Smith Micro.

CelPlan Technologies

Founded in 1992 by a corps of engineers and managers with extensive experience in international telecommunications, CelPlan has rapidly established itself as an innovative leader in providing the most advanced engineering solutions for the wireless industry. CelPlan has performed design, optimization, and expansion of large and small networks throughout the world. The firm has participated in several 4G-related projects (LTE or WiMAX), including RF planning and optimization, RFP creation and response assessments, network modeling, network audits, migration planning, network deployments, project management, and technology transfer programs, to name a few. CelPlan creates new opportunities for mobile operators, vendors, and partners to boost performance, reduce costs, and retain customers by providing advanced engineering solutions, innovative and high, value-added consultancy and services.

ITRS Group

Headquartered in London, ITRS Group’s technology establishes and maintains operational resilience for businesses operating in demanding environments where technology failure means business failure. By transforming the mass of raw data into meaningful information, ITRS helps enterprises run their IT estates intelligently, prevent outages, and maximize efficiency. With over 20 years’ experience serving enterprise clients across industry markets, 800 clients worldwide rely on ITRS for their estate monitoring, capacity planning, IT analytics, and load testing. The company deals with ITOA, Real-time big data analytics, Application performance monitoring, Market data monitoring, Transaction monitoring, Capacity management & planning, Financial services.


Privi was launched to offer specialized services for celebrities, public figures, non-profits, and brands fulfilling their audiences’ demand for authentic, privileged content. Privi delivers with a groundbreaking interactive content delivery platform designed to help commercial, non-profit, and public entities connect with and grow their target audiences through direct, content-rich group messaging. Privi LLC technical expertise spans all aspects of computer hardware and software, from networking, infrastructure, and data management to informatics, security, data centers, and enterprise platforms. Founded in 2013, the company offers Global Content Distribution, SMS/MMS Text Marketing, Mass Communication, Marketing, and Promotion.

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